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An Introduction to the Stations
The Stations of the Cross is a spiritual exercise in penance and contrition. The experience of following this sacred path has been meaningful only in the light of the resurrection.  By his rising, Jesus proclaims emphatically that our repentance will be met with forgiveness and our contrition turned into joy, when we celebrate his Easter.
An Introduction to the Stations
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The Stations of the Cross are the representation of certain scenes from the Passion of Christ according to oral traditions and the Gospels and are part of the Roman Catholic, Anglican, and Lutheran Traditions. The Stations are also known as "The Way of the Cross', (in Latin – Via Crucis), "The Way of Sorrows', (in Latin – Via Dolorosa), the "Sacred Way', (in Latin – Via Sacra'), the "Pilgrims Path', and the "Pilgrims Way'. 

The Stations are made from a variety of material: Stone, Marble, Wood, Metal, Tapestries, Oil Paintings, Mosaic, Stained Glass, etc. They even come in a variety of sizes. The Stations range from the very simple, such as a plain cross, to the very ornate, to the abstract. There's even a children's version.

People stand before the Stations and reflect on the scene before them. Although the Stations should not be interrupted, going to Mass, Communion, or Confession is not regarded as interruptions. Each Station has prescribed prayers, which are recited either silently or out loud. Stanzas from the devotional hymn, Stabat Mater Dolorosa are sung at the end of each Station.This hymn celebrates the emotions of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

The service is held during the season of Lent, ending on Good Friday. Certain churches will hold services through out the year in remembrance of Christ's Passion.

For more information on the Stations of the Cross, stop by or Contact the Church office and pick up our booklet, "An Introduction to the Stations of the Cross."