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Saint Clare of Assisi
Saint Clare of Assisi
(July 6, 1194 - August 11, 1253) was born Chiara Offreduccio, in Assisi, Italy in the Umbria region.
She was one of the first followers of Saint Francis of Assisi. When her parents tried to force her into an arraigned marriage, she
fled to Saint Francis whom accepted her into his religious order. 

Saint Clare founded the Order of Poor Ladies, also known as
'The Poor Clares'. She eventually accepted the role of 'Abbess'
at San Damiano, the church St. Francis rebuilt himself. People
often referred to her as 'alter Franciscus' (another Francis)
due to her loyalty to him. Both her mother Ortolana and her
sister, Caterina (who changed her name to Agnes and later
became Saint Agnes), joined her order.
In art, Saint Clare is often depicted holding a monstrance (or pyrx) in reference to when she warded off attackers of the convent by raising the Blessed Sacrament high so the attachers could see it. They retreated at the sight of it, thus sparing the convent and all who lived there.

Saint Clare worked many miracles and had visions just like Saint Francis. When she was too ill to attend Mass one day and was bedridden, she had a vision and was able to see the Mass on the wall of her room in the convent. People who attended the Mass were astounded by her attention to detail, including every mistake made. This could have only been possible to know by someone who attended Mass.
Today, the Order of Saint Clare in Assisi, Italy are still in possession of the original Cross of San Damiano, the very cross Saint Francis prayed before when he heard the call of God.

Pope Alexander IV canonized Saint Clare on August 15, 1255. Pope Urban IV, in 1263, officially changed the name of the 'Order of the Poor Ladies to the Order of Saint Clare. Her Basilica was completed in 1260 where her body is on display. Her feast day is celebrated on August 11.

Here in America, the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) by founded by a Poor Clare nun, Mother Angelica.
Original San Damiano Cross
Saint Clare Basilica
Assisi, Italy
The locks of Saint Clare's hair that Saint Francis cut.
The clothes and habit of Saint Clare.
The tomb of Saint Clare.
Saint Clare Basilica
Assisi, Italy
 Saint Clare