Francis of Assisi
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National Catholic Church (PNCC)
St. Francis of Assisi Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC) @2008
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - Do you have to be Polish to join the Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC)?
A - Of course not!The PNCC was organized by Polish immigrants in 1897, but has diversified in the same manner as the rest of America. 

Q - What is the difference between the Polish National Catholic Church and the Roman Catholic Church?
A - The answer is manifold.For the long answer, please look at the Polish National Catholicism pamphlet. The main differences are the fact that the PNCC is nonpapal, meaning that the Church is not under the Pope. Another is that the Constitution of the Church is set up democratically giving members decision making power in the Church.

Q - How old is the PNCC?
A -  The PNCC was organized in March of 1897, making it over a hundred years old.

Q -  What kind of religious services does the PNCC have?
A -  The focal point of the PNCC's religious worship is the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass.Contained in the PNCC Pew book are three (3) different Rites of the Holy Mass.These are Traditional, Contemporary, and Traditional Mass compiled by Prime Bishop Francis Hodur. The Contemporary Mass is celebrated at St. Francis. Also, various prayer services, litanies, Penance services, and other paraliturgical services are celebrated throughout the year.

Q -  And what language are they celebrated in?
A -  The language of the people, which in the case of St. Francis is English. The PNCC was a pioneer in this regard, celebrating Holy Mass in the vernacular over 100 years ago.The language of the people may be English, Spanish, Polish, Lithuanian, Slovak, or whatever; the point is that the needs of the people are met.
Q -  Where can I find more information about the PNCC?
A -  By contacting us at, by visiting, by reading the information located on this website, or by speaking with our pastor.

Q -  Why should I become a member of St. Francis of Assisi?  Can't I just show up every week?
A -  You may simply show up every week and not be a member, but membership is what makes our Church strong. As a non-member you would not have the opportunity to vote at the annual parish meeting or on matters of the parish as they arise during the course of the year. Member participation is what makes a church a Church, and your vote is what makes the church your Church.

Q - How can I participate in Sunday Worship?
A - All are asked to participate by receiving our Lord's Sacred Body and Precious Blood in the form of Holy Communion. Also, the Lector Ministry, Acolyte Ministry and Choir may be options for those interested in expanding their participation.

Q -  How do I go about getting my child Baptized/1st Holy Communion/Confirmed?
A -  This is done by contacting the pastor at 303-321-2141 or email us at to arrange an appointment.

Q -  Does your Parish have an Elementary School?
A -  No. Unfortunately we don't at this time. 

Q -  I have been hearing quite a bit lately about closing churches and schools.  Does this happen in the PNCC?
A -  Yes, this does happen, but only if the individual parish wants it to happen.  Although the Diocesan Bishop has the power to close a parish, it must be done with the approval of the parish body.


Q -  Who is in charge of the religious aspect of St. Francis of Assisi Church?

A -  The Pastor is in charge. Our pastor is Father John Kalabokes. Father John has final say on all religious aspects and worship at St. Francis of Assisi.

Q -  If you are a priest, how can you have a wife?
A -  The PNCC passed a resolution in its General Synod that made Celibacy optional in the priesthood, meaning that bishops and priests can be married and potentially better equipped to handle issues involving family life.

Q -  What about participation in Mass? 
A -  There are a few options.  Children can become an altar server or a choir member.  Adults and teenagers can become lectors reading the lessons at Mass.  Also, if you are a male and feel you are called to a religious vocation, you may apply to join the permanent deacon program or apply to Savonarola Theological Seminary to become a priest. If you are interested in joining either program please contact our church office or for more information.

If you have more questions, please contact us via our email, or call the church office at 303-321-2141.